Create your own business path!

It is quite normal for a contractor to aspire to become the next Steve Jobs, Guy Laliberte. It's even better, in my opinion, when a contractor focuses its projects to put in place as quickly as possible. He is doing differently and learns from his mistakes. Credit it somehow his own methods and its particular way.

Here is a reflection that follows the article how can we grow as an entrepreneur? published on my blog recently.

This may seem trivial, but I often feel that aspiring entrepreneurs do not leave room for improvisation and wait too long before diving really in business. They try everything to be perfect in their approach and do not rely on just their instincts and their desire to do what they love. Is this the best path to follow? Especially when it comes to starting a contractor want to stand out.

Think that we can stand otherwise using methods pre made somehow give a lot of pressure, skip a few steps and answer his own need for security instead of taking the time to understand our actions and errors. The fact fended otherwise can therefore have more experience, knowledge and tools. This is what led us to develop methods that we are clean, adjust and build relationships quickly with others: customers, employees, suppliers, partners, work, etc....

As for me, I am much more attracted by stories of entrepreneurs and reflections from mentors (in the form of articles, virtual conversation or verbal) that guides showing steps to arrive at an accurate result. It's the same thing when I write articles. I always prefer to present as tracks for thought. Furthermore, when I compare myself with entrepreneurs, when I want to move faster, I like to remind myself that I am not like them. I am unique. So I cannot logically think I'll achieve success in the same way they do. If I do, I'll never learn to distinguish myself differently and to draw my own approach to business.