How to earn money by net safely?

How to choose, this is the main quality of web entrepreneur and more broadly the contractor. On the internet, web entrepreneur beginner should choose what to do (and why), it will choose its theme, its keywords, domain name, its strategy on social networks, SEO strategy, slogan, and so on. Training should help you learn to make choices. If you use an expert, it should also help you in this, and not make the choice for you.

With this in mind, I had a long conversation with someone (no, I will not tell you who it is, I have not received any mail from his lawyer, and it suits me) outcome of an area that I do not wear my heart. One of the points between us is precisely this: give a choice or not. In my case, the approach that I advocate, and I am validating in my training. It is to leave the choice to the contractor for my partner, no.

If the method is not to let the trainee master of his choice to bear fruit in terms of pure sales over the long term, I do not think she is a carrier for the customer. In this methodology, the notion of choice is eradicated; the seller does everything for you. Finally, it is the promise of sale such as "Earn money with your blog quickly" you suggest.

The art of Webmarketing, the art of broken promise

In fact, the technique is to serve you a method supposed to fly without fail. The reality is more cruel. You will not learn; you will recite a method wisely. Why? How? because it works. But what do you learn? A method is a method, and if a miracle method, a trick that works certainly existed. I do not think she would be on the market. A method that does not work 100%. Again, earn money with his blog, it's possible. However, how to do that is another story.

We have here, beyond the issue of choice, two philosophies clash.
One tends to give the keys to his project to an intern, the other to impose a vision, a method in the context of sale, to achieve a turnover.

For example, the numbers I gave my interlocutor during conversation were eloquent: more than, 500 (adjusted figures) clients, only 12 really hooked, the others having left the training route. Without the trainer have taken any action to know the reasons for dropping out. It is therefore, impossible for him to know if it is because of the product, or if it is because of the distance education and fully dematerialized.

That said, it tends to show one thing, these products sold under the title "training" are not. As a beginner, you will learn how to ask your visitors, you'll discover tricks that work more or less well. Thereupon, we agree. But why and how the notion of understanding? Why do it like this rather than that? It ca ... And if by chance you were wondering, the answer is given: "Because I have tested for me, it works." In my case, I think this response from someone called expert and professional is the lightest, empty arguments and meaning. However, we are talking about training.

Thus, the method supposed to make you a man who earned a living with his blog, it is less than 10% success rate. The figures are probably not as accurate as this, but the fact is, I think, without appeal. A promising method for success, it does not work every time.

To defend its product, my partner has taken many a success, adding, rightly, that training, there is an obligation of means, not of success. Be. But then do not assume the title and the slogan of his sales page. We have a person who is there to sell a product, a method, nothing more.

In addition, what surprise me is how people who do not use social networks, are not bloggers practical sense, can sell "training" blogging. In both products that I could see, clearly the training will not make me a blogger, but a seller. This can be used of course, but this is not what is being sold.

An entrepreneur who was afraid to undertake.

His defense, there is a fringe person who wants to start, earn money, but are undermined by doubt, who do not take things in hand, afraid, simply. The notion of risk is the real obstacle to their development. Furthermore, be fully taken over by a third party, it is reassuring. Do not have to choose not to be compelled to understand, it is reassuring, and can pass for a gain of time.

The question is not whether you can make money on the net, yes, you can, but the question is how to make money with any product, what vision, what service • If your vision is to make money without taking risk without getting involved, it may be complicated.

Remember one thing. Seller will he will not do the job for you! He will sell you the product, and point. A you do with it.
Questions? What issues? You need to follow step by step a "method." Do not just say it mostly does not work. The seller has tested his method. It works for him. The speech is unstoppable.

You are now returned to the starting point, and even a little further back. Because before buying this product training, you were scared, but did not know. Now you know one thing is that you cannot do it. You always fear, and in addition, you have any doubts about your skills. The method, she works, so, obviously, if you do not succeed with this method is that the problem is you. Ah, you made a big deal!

Wanting to eliminate the risk by choosing to believe a promise of sale, wanting to "burn all," wanting to win everything, and right now, you just put a nice shot in the foot. Now you're like a sausage in the middle of nowhere after a "training."

How to take the project in hand

Years the approach I currently put in place, and that I defend, it is something that fascinates me, the Human. Being confronted with a problem, closely related to the personality, its history, its vision, it forces us to think differently, to try to understand his interlocutor, to consider their questions, doubts, to reassure him. The goal is to help move forward in the project, by providing some methods related to pure technique, but also help to understand the project, its location, this area what the internet. The final choice to remain so on their own volition, it is a decision that belongs to him.

You know what you need.

For comparison, when we wonder whether a particular plugin is better than the other, probably expected me to do an answer. Off, the plugin can be better than X plugin Y through use, and vice versa. The real question is in what context do you use your plugin, what would you do? With these answers, I would be able to bring you, in my turn, a precise answer. It is the same in your project to earn money on the internet. Your choice should be yours.

Business is about making choices, and most importantly, why we make these choices, to what end, for what purpose, and how we will achieve this goal.

Guarantee easy money and zero risk

You will say, "but its choice, it not going to guarantee success!" You are right. But tell me, have you seen on the street, in life, a box, a school, which forms patterns with a promise of success? I do not. I know the nursery; I know the business angel and consort, and in all this, there is a thing called .... Risk.

This notion of risk, if there are solutions to reduce it, there is nothing to eradicate entrepreneurship. It will take you to and learn to live with. If you want to start with the guarantee of earning millions, ask yourself some questions.

If you do not believe in yourself, no one will follow you.

Of course, you must believe in yourself, your project, certainly; we have all the time we launch. Returning artists call this stage fright. athletes, the pressure. Call it what you want, but you'll have to learn to deal with this factor to you to do something positive, or to get help for it.

Keep in mind that your project is your project. It belongs to you. Systematically, we would all take the right decision. But, do not we say that we learn from our mistakes? Reaching a decision, you must know, know, understand. To find out if you like tomatoes, it was necessary to taste one day.

In your new job, you cannot master everything, so we will have to submit to a third party. The technical aspect can pose concerns, the marketing aspect too. These are the decisions, choices to make.

Ideally, you fight to become a pro blogger, why not! It is possible to become pregnant. However, do not rely on training to do the job for you. Training is not used to it. This will be the subject of a future article.

The figures speak.